Death and death benefits

If you die, your pension may help provide a source of income for your beneficiary or beneficiaries.

Death and your pension

After you die, your spouse, other beneficiaries or your estate will be paid their portion of your pension benefit as a monthly amount or lump-sum payment.

Death of a member before retirement

If you die before you retire, your beneficiary(ies) will be paid a death benefit. Learn more.

Death of a member after retirement

If you die after you retire, your beneficiary(ies) may receive a death benefit depending on the pension option you chose. Learn more.

Death of a spouse

Learn what you need to do if your spouse dies.

Death of a beneficiary

If one of your beneficiaries dies, you will need to update your beneficiary information.

Death of a limited member

When a limited plan member dies, their beneficiary or executor should contact the plan.

Death benefits

When a plan member dies, the plan may pay a death benefit to the member’s beneficiary(ies) or estate. Learn more about death benefits, including how to make a claim.