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Applying for child-rearing credit

If you take time away from work to raise your child under age seven, up to five years of that period could be included in your contributory service.

Increased contributory service could help you avoid a reduced pension. There is no cost for you to increase your contributory service.

Unlike buying service for a leave, you do not have to pay to “buy” child-rearing time. You can apply to have the plan count the time you took off work to raise your child or children as regular contributory service if you:

  • Quit your job or took an employer-approved full-time leave of absence to directly and actively care for your own child or children under age seven
  • Were making pension contributions to the plan before you took the time off, and your service remained on account or you reinstated the service
  • Returned to work after your time off and began making pension contributions to the plan
  • Did not contribute to any other registered pension plan during the time you were off work for child-rearing

You may apply for any number of child-rearing periods, up to a maximum of five years in total.

To apply to have your child-rearing time count towards your contributory service, you must:

  • Apply while you are an active plan member
  • Complete a Child-rearing declaration form and submit it to the WorkSafeBC Pension Plan