Learn more about buying service

Explore how buying service may help you increase your pensionable service and the value of your pension when you retire.

Buying service for a leave

You can buy service for the time you were away from work on an approved leave to increase the number of years that count toward your pension. This could get you closer to an unreduced pension and increase the amount of your benefit at retirement.

To buy service for a leave, you must:

  • Have been on an approved leave
  • Have been an active plan member when you took the leave
  • Be an active plan member when you apply to buy service
  • Apply within five years of the end of your leave or before your employment ends at WorkSafeBC, whichever comes first

If you decide not to return to work after a maternity or parental leave and want to buy the service, you must apply while still on leave. We will calculate the cost for you to buy this service once we receive confirmation of your last day of work.

Maternity and parental leaves are the only leave types you can buy without returning to work. You must return to work to buy other leave types.

Under Income Tax Act rules, you are allowed to buy a lifetime maximum of:

  • Five cumulative years of general leaves
  • Three cumulative years of maternity, parental or adoption leaves