Learn more about buying service

Explore how buying service may help you increase your pensionable service and the value of your pension when you retire.

Buying service may increase your pension

We calculate the value of your pension benefit based on several factors, including your years of pensionable service. This refers to the actual time you worked while contributing to the plan, and it may include service you’ve purchased.

You can buy service for:

  • Approved leaves, such as maternity or general leaves
  • Reinstating service from a previous period of employment at WorkSafeBC

For example, if you take a six-month general leave, you will have six months less pensionable service unless you decide to buy this service. If you buy service, your pensionable service will increase, which may also increase your pension benefit when you retire.

Buying service for your leave will also add six months to your total contributory service. Your contributory service is used to determine if your pension will be reduced (and by how much) when you apply for a pension benefit.