Medical Services Plan coverage

WorkSafeBC pays the monthly premiums for your Medical Services Plan of BC coverage when you are a retired plan member as well as for your eligible dependants.

The MSP covers the cost of medically required services provided by physicians and some health care practitioners. All BC residents and their eligible dependants must enrol in the MSP.

The MSP charges monthly premiums. As a retired member, these costs are paid by WorkSafeBC on your behalf if you:

  • Are a permanent resident of British Columbia
  • Were covered by WorkSafeBC’s group benefit plans as an active plan member immediately before you began receiving your WorkSafeBC pension
  • Retired directly from active employment to a pension

These premiums, which are set by the province, are a taxable benefit.

Retiree health benefits are contingent; that is, they are not guaranteed and coverage may be changed.

You need to apply for MSP coverage when you retire. Contact WorkSafeBC People Services to apply.