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Paying back a refund and reinstating service

If you withdrew your pension contributions from the WorkSafeBC Pension Plan after a previous period of employment, you may be able to increase your future pension benefit by repaying the amount you withdrew, plus interest. This is known as paying back a refund and reinstating service.

You are eligible to do this if you are now an active member of the plan and you took a refund of your pension contributions from a previous period of employment with WorkSafeBC.

You must apply to pay back a refund and reinstate service within five years from the date you became an active member or before your employment ends at WorkSafeBC, whichever comes first. Members who join the plan on or after January 1, 2017 are not eligible to pay back a refund and reinstate service.

If you took a commuted value payment for any previous service, you cannot pay back a refund and reinstate that service.