Planning for retirement

Thinking about retirement? Learn more about your retirement options so you can make decisions with confidence. 

Introduction to retirement

Learn about the factors that affect the amount of your monthly lifetime pension.

Thinking about retirement

Your pension provides important retirement income, but there are other sources of income as well, including RRSPs and government benefit programs.

When you can retire

Learn how your age at retirement affects the value of your pension.

Early retirement

Retiring before age 65 will affect your pension: here are the key points to consider.

How we calculate your pension

Your pension is based on your pensionable service, average of your highest five years of salary and age at retirement.

Use the personalized pension estimator

Use the personalized pension estimator to find out the amount of your potential monthly pension payment based on your service and salary information.

Pre-retirement checklist

Use this pre-retirement checklist to stay on track as you plan for retirement.

Choose your pension option

This important decision will determine the amount of your monthly lifetime pension payments and the amount, if any, paid to your spouse or beneficiaries when you die.

Change your pension option

If you wish to change your pension option, you have 60 days after your pension is granted to make the change.

Deadlines for buying service

If you’re planning to buy service to increase your pension benefit when you retire, make sure you meet our deadlines.

Find answers to your retirement questions

Contact WorkSafeBC People Services if you have questions about retirement planning.