Separation or divorce and your pension

Learn how a separation or divorce affects your pension and review the issues to consider.

Separation and your pension

If you and your spouse   separate, your spouse may be entitled to a share of your pension based on the portion of the pension you earned while you lived together.

If you were married, you are considered to be separated from your spouse only after you have been separated for two years or you divorce, whichever is earlier.

If you were in a common-law relationship, you are considered to be separated from your spouse immediately on the end of your relationship.

If you are separated, you and your former spouse can agree to either:

  • Divide your pension, with each of you receiving a share
  • Leave the pension intact and divide your family assets another way

Whatever you choose, if you divide your pension, you must provide us with a copy of your separation agreement, court order or a Form P9 Agreement to have benefits divided to tell us how we should administer your pension.