Extended health care coverage

When you retire, you will receive extended health care coverage through WorkSafeBC if you or your dependants meet eligibility requirements.

Retiree extended health benefits are contingent; that is, they are not guaranteed and coverage may be changed.

Eligibility requirements

You are eligible for extended health care benefits after you retire if you:

  • Were covered by WorkSafeBC’s group benefit plans as an active plan member immediately before you began receiving your WorkSafeBC pension
  • Retired directly from active employment to a pension

Medical coverage in retirement

Your extended health care plan covers some medical costs. There are certain maximums associated with specific services and supplies and you may need to pay a deductible.

The amount of coverage depends on your employee group. Please refer to the booklet specific to your employee group for details about eligible expenses, maximum reimbursement and deductibles. Your booklet also describes how to submit claims for your eligible expenses.

What is the cost for this coverage?

WorkSafeBC will pay the monthly premiums for your extended health care coverage. These premiums are not a taxable benefit.

How to apply

If you are eligible for coverage, apply directly with WorkSafeBC Total Rewards when you apply for your pension.