Learn how your pension plan provides financial security for you and your loved ones.

Beneficiaries and your pension

Naming a beneficiary or beneficiaries ensures that the people and/or organizations important to you receive your pension benefit after you die.

Who you can name as a beneficiary

If you do not have a spouse or your spouse has given up their right to your pension benefit, you can name other people, organizations, trusts or your estate as the beneficiary of your pension.

Name or change a beneficiary before retirement

You can name a beneficiary to receive your pension benefit if you die before you retire. Learn more.

Change your beneficiary after retirement

Your ability to change your beneficiary after you retire depends on whether you have a spouse and your pension option. Learn more.

Name a beneficiary (limited member)

As a limited member, you can name a beneficiary to receive your portion of your former spouse's pension benefit if you die. Learn more.

Learn about waiving spousal rights

Although your spouse is automatically the beneficiary of your pension, they can give up their rights to receive your pension benefit.

How your beneficiaries will be paid

After you die, your beneficiaries may receive their portion of your pension benefit as either a monthly pension or a lump-sum payment.


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