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Based on input from retired members, we’re updating My Account so it’ll be easier for you to find the information you need. When you sign in, you’ll be able to view your last payment details and review your itemized deductions. Watch for these changes and more coming later this month.


Annual reports

Our annual reports provide the latest information about the performance of plan investments and highlights important things to know about your pension plan.

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Our annual reports to members summarize the plan's financial performance, investment holdings and any plan rule changes.

Valuation reports

Every three years, an independent actuary reviews the financial position of the plan. Read the latest valuation report.

Learning articles

Want to learn more about about your pension plan? Take a time out to dive deeper into one of these topics.

How sturdy is your retirement?

Some financial planners talk about retirement income as a three-legged stool – with the three legs being your employer pension, government pension programs and personal savings. The idea is that you need all three to provide a stable source of income in your retirement.

Time for a minivan? Expanding your family

You’ve had a baby! Congratulations! Having a child is a life-changing event – and one that brings new responsibilities and reflections on both the present and the future.

Ending a relationship - and what it means for your pension

When you and your spouse separate or divorce, you’ll need to divide shared family assets. But it’s not just a house, car and shared bank account that you need to think about – you’ll also need to decide how to divide your pension.

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Pension Life

Keeping retired members of the WorkSafeBC Pension Plan informed about their pensions and connected to their plan.


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