The end of a spousal relationship may affect your pension. Here's what you need to know.

Separation or divorce and your pension

Your pension may be affected if you separate from or divorce your spouse or common-law partner. This is because your pension is legally considered a shared family asset.

Divide your pension

If you and your spouse have separated, we need to know how to divide your pension. Learn more.

Claim your share of your former spouse's pension

As a former spouse of a plan member, you may want to claim your share of the pension. Learn more.

Submit a form to become a limited member

Send us a form to apply to become a limited member of the plan.

Pensions and marital breakdowns: information for lawyers

Lawyers are often asked to advise clients about dividing a pension benefit between a plan member and a former spouse. Learn more about the information and documents we need to administer a pension following a relationship breakdown.


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