How to appeal a decision about your pension

Learn how to submit an appeal if you disagree with how the plan rules have been applied.

Decisions about your pension – from how your pension is calculated to how your eligibility for benefits is determined – are based on WorkSafeBC Pension Plan rules. These rules are applied by BC Pension Corporation on behalf of the WorkSafeBC Board of Directors.

If you disagree with a decision made by Pension Corporation in applying the plan rules, you can appeal all or part of the decision. Before starting an appeal, ensure you have first completed the administrative review process through Pension Corporation. This can often resolve concerns and help you avoid an appeal. Through the administrative review, you’ll receive a letter you’ll need if you appeal.

The appeal process has two levels: first appeal to pension management at WorkSafeBC, next to the WorkSafeBC Board of Directors. Each entity will review and resolve your appeal.

Keep in mind that the appeal process is intended to ensure the plan rules have been applied correctly. You can appeal a decision, but you can’t appeal the plan rules.


You must first appeal the decision to pension management at WorkSafeBC. You have six months from the date of the director’s letter you receive through Pension Corporation’s administrative review to start the appeal process.  As with the administrative review, the manager will send you a letter about the decision.

If you aren’t satisfied after pension management’s review, you can appeal the matter further, to the WorkSafeBC Board of Directors. You have 60 days from the date of the manager’s letter to continue the appeal process.


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