Death and death benefits

When you die, your pension may help provide a source of income for your beneficiary (or beneficiaries).

Death and your pension

After you die, your spouse, other beneficiaries and/or your estate may be paid their portion of your pension benefit.

Death of a member before retirement

If you die before you retire, your beneficiary(ies) will be paid a death benefit. Learn more.

Death of a member after retirement

If you die after you retire, your beneficiary(ies) may receive a death benefit depending on the pension option you chose. Learn more.

Death of a spouse

Learn what you need to do if your spouse dies.

Death of a beneficiary

If one of your beneficiaries dies, you will need to update your beneficiary information.

Death of a limited member

When a limited plan member dies, their beneficiary or executor should contact the plan.

Death benefits

When a plan member dies, the plan may pay a death benefit to the member’s beneficiary(ies) or estate. Learn more about death benefits, including how to make a claim.