Taking time off work and buying service

Thinking about taking time off work? You may be able to buy back that time and potentially increase your pension from the plan.

How time off work affects your pension

You can buy service to cover an approved leave of absence, which will increase the value of your future pension benefit.

Which leaves you can buy back

Learn about the types of leaves for which you can buy back service.

Learn more about buying service

Explore how buying service may help you increase your pensionable service and the value of your pension when you retire.

Calculate the cost and buy service

Review the factors that affect the cost to buy service, and learn how to buy service for an approved leave.

Apply for a child-rearing credit

If you took time off to raise your child, you can apply to have this time count as contributory service. Learn more.

Pay back a refund and reinstate service

You may be able to increase your future pension benefit by paying back a refund and reinstating service. Learn more.


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