Guide for new members

Learn more about your WorkSafeBC Pension Plan, which provides you with a monthly lifetime pension when you retire.

How does the plan work?

The plan will give you a lifetime pension when you retire.

You are entitled to a pension starting at the earliest retirement age of 55 or later, if you have made at least one contribution to the plan. If you ended your employment at WorkSafeBC before September 30, 2015, contact the plan.

Your pension is based on your pensionable service, age at retirement and the average of your five highest salary years.

The maximum number of years of pensionable service   allowed is 35 years. This means that if you have more than 35 years of pensionable service, you will no longer have to make contributions to the plan.

After your death, depending on the pension option you choose at retirement, the plan may continue to pay:

  • Pension benefits to your spouse (if you have one) for their lifetime
  • Pension benefits to another beneficiary   or beneficiaries for a set period
  • A lump-sum payment to your estate or an organization that you have named as your beneficiary