Pension Life - 2021

News for retired members

Welcome to the 2021 issue of Pension Life online! Here you can access your pension news and plan updates anytime. Plus you’ll find new online features, quick links to all your pension resources and more!

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Taxes: T4A available online

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Retirees’ association

WCB Retirees’ Association (WCBRA) was established for former WorkSafeBC employees to maintain the friendships created while working at WorkSafeBC. Currently, the association has several hundred members and is involved in many events throughout the year.

Pacific Blue Cross

Connect with your Pacific Blue Cross Member Profile

Member Profile is a PBC online service where you can:

  • Contact Pacific Blue Cross
  • View your coverage
  • View the status of a current claim
  • Find out how much of a benefit you have used and when you will next be eligible for a benefit
  • View your benefits ID card for pay direct (pharmacy) and Insta-Claim
  • Sign up for direct deposit of reimbursement

Pension Life is published once a year. You may receive more than one copy of Pension Life if you receive a pension from more than one pension plan. Read your statement letter to determine which plan provides your group benefits. Any person entitled to a benefit, or their agent, has the right to examine plan documents, data and public information about the plan.

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Your pension is secure

A message from your Pension Committee

Learn how the plan is able to meet its commitments to you now and in the future.

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Your 2021 cost-of-living adjustment is 0.5 per cent

You received a 0.5 per cent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) effective January 1, 2021. Learn how COLA helps the value of your pension keep up with the rising cost of living.

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WSBC Pension Committee member Wendy Strugnell

Welcome Wendy Strugnell

Meet your new Pension Committee member

Meet Wendy Strugnell, appointed to the Pension Plan Pension Committee as the employer representative, effective May 31, 2020.

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Paperless pension payments for plan members living overseas

More than 90 per cent of retired plan members living outside Canada and the United States have now switched from monthly pension cheques to electronic payment through Western Union. Electronic funds transfer is the quickest, safest and most reliable way to receive your monthly pension. Electronic transfer can save you one to two per cent on currency conversion while eliminating most bank transaction fees. (In most cases, it’s free.)

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Health coverage updates

The new monthly dental plan premiums are in effect as of October 1, 2020.

You can claim your dental premiums on your tax return. If you have questions about eligible expenses, visit or call 1-800-959-8281.

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Tips and tools


Six tips for tackling your tax return in retirement
Learn how receiving a pension affects your tax return—and how you can make filing your taxes easier.

Your tax questions answered
It’s that time again! Find out how to reduce your taxes through income splitting or additional deductions.


Your payment dates
Find out when to expect your next monthly pension payment.

How to manage your banking information
Learn how to easily update your banking information and sign up for direct deposit, wherever you live.