How the plan works

Learn everything you need to know about how the plan works and how it provides value to your future.

The WorkSafeBC Pension Plan is a defined benefit pension plan.

In a defined benefit pension plan, your pension is based on a formula that uses your years of service and your highest average salary. You can estimate what you’ll get in advance.

Read on to learn more about your pension plan and how it will provide value over your lifetime.

The story of your pension dollar


You contribute


Contributions pool


Experts invest


Experts monitor


You get paid

On average, investment returns make up around 75 cents of each dollar of your pension. The remaining 25 cents come from member and employer contributions.

You contribute to the plan

Every pay period, a portion of your pay goes to the pension plan. WorkSafeBC also contributes at the same time.

Your contributions are pooled in the pension fund

Your contribution and WorkSafeBC’s contribution are added to the pension fund, along with the contributions of thousands of other employees.

Professional investment managers invest the pension fund

Professional investment managers at BC Investment Management Corporation (BCI) manage the money in the pension fund. They make investment decisions based on guidelines set by the WorkSafeBC Pension Plan Pension Committee. These decisions prioritize the long-term growth and stability of the pension plan.

Regular valuations keep the pension fund on track

Every three years, an independent actuary (a specialist in risk and financial theory) conducts something called a valuation. That means they check to make sure the total amount of money in the pension fund will be enough to pay the lifetime pensions of every plan member. If the valuation shows a shortfall, the Pension Committee may increase contribution rates to protect the plan’s long-term security.

When you’re ready, the pension fund pays for your pension

When you decide to retire, you receive a lifetime pension based on a formula that uses your service and salary from when you worked and contributed as a plan member. The money to pay your pension comes out of the pension fund.

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How the plan makes a difference for you

  • Retirement security: Your pension is secure, not dependent on investment returns
  • Planning ahead: Because your pension is based on a formula, you can use the personalized pension estimator to estimate what you’ll get ahead of time
  • We take care of the challenges for you: You don’t need to worry about making investment decisions or remembering to make contributions—our team of professionals do the work for you
  • Expert investment management at a low cost: BCI provides professional investment management for less than you would normally pay in investment fees
  • Protection for your loved ones: If you die before you retire, your pension can help support your spouse or other beneficiaries
  • Cost-of-living adjustments: Once you start receiving your pension, it may be topped up to keep up with increases in the cost of living
  • Options if you change jobs: If you leave your job before your earliest retirement age, you’ll have flexible options like keeping your money in the plan until you’re ready for a pension

How your plan is governed

Discover how the plan is structured and organized, and why that matters to you.

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Investing responsibly

The plan’s investments take environmental, social and governance factors into account.

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