Death and your pension

After you die, your spouse, other beneficiaries and/or your estate may be paid their portion of your pension benefit.

When you die, your pension can provide financial support for your family and other people or organizations that are important to you. The WorkSafeBC Pension Plan may pay a death benefit – a monthly amount or lump-sum payment, depending on the situation – to your spouse or other beneficiaries you have named.

The amount may be paid as either a monthly pension or single lump-sum payment, depending on:

  • Your age at death
  • If you die before you have retired
  • Whom you have named as your beneficiary  
If you are an active member   of the plan and have a shortened life expectancy,   you may be able to access your pension benefits before you die. Please contact the WorkSafeBC Pension Plan for more information.


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