Guide for plan members

WorkSafeBC Pension Plan is committed to helping you make the most of your pension. This guide is a provincial requirement. Please use the links at right to explore the topics most relevant to you.

The WorkSafeBC Pension Plan provides a lifetime pension to retired plan members. More than 6,900 people belong to the plan as active, inactive, limited or retired members.

The WorkSafeBC Board of Directors is the overall administrator of the plan. It has established a Pension Committee to assist WorkSafeBC in the administration of the plan, with a particular focus on investment and fund management.

Working closely with WorkSafeBC, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation—the plan’s investment manager—manages the plan's assets, and British Columbia Pension Corporation—the plan’s administrative agent—conducts key day-to-day administrative tasks.

An independent actuary assesses the plan’s financial health at least every three years.

Independent auditors annually audit the plan’s financial statements in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing standards.