Tax information for retired members

Your pension is taxable income. We will deduct federal and provincial income tax from your monthly pension payment.

Your tax slip (T4A or NR4) as a retired member

Your pension is taxable income and you need to report your pension income on your tax return.

You can find this information on the tax slip (T4A or NR4) that we send to you by the end of February each year. This slip includes the pension-related information you need to report on your tax return, such as:

  • Your total pension
  • The income tax we deducted from your pension income
  • The value of medical premium benefits paid by the plan on your behalf

The tax slip also includes other information that may apply to your particular situation.

You will receive your tax slip in the mail. You can also view and download it online through My Account.


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If you have questions about completing your tax return visit the Canada Revenue Agency website or call 1-800-959-8281