Pension basics

Get to know your pension – whether you're just starting your job or retirement is around the corner.

Becoming a member of the plan

You are eligible to join the plan if you are a permanent full-time or part-time employee of WorkSafeBC.

How pension contributions work

You contribute to your plan through automatic payroll deductions, and WorkSafeBC also contributes to your pension.

Types of plan members

There are four types of plan members: active, inactive, retired and limited.

Understand your member benefit statement

Your statement is an annual snapshot of your pension information and includes estimates of your potential future pension.

Get your member benefit statement

You will be mailed a Member’s Benefit Statement each year; you can also view this statement in My Account.

Understand your retired member pension statement

As a retired member of the plan, you will receive a statement in January each year showing the most current information about your pension.

When will you get your pension statement?

As a retired member, you will receive a pension statement in January each year.

What is the year's maximum pensionable earnings?

The YMPE is a value set by the federal government each year that we use to calculate your pension contributions and benefits.

What happens if you leave your job

If you leave your job, you will need to make some decisions about your pension.

How to address a concern or appeal a decision

Find out the steps you can take if you have a concern about how the plan rules were applied.


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