How your beneficiaries will be paid

Learn how your beneficiary (or beneficiaries) will be paid after you die.

After you die

To process payments from your pension account after you die, we will identify the most recent information we have on file about your beneficiaries. This could include:

  • Nomination of beneficiary (pre-retirement) form
  • Nomination of beneficiary (at retirement) form
  • Nomination of beneficiary (for limited member) form
  • Change of beneficiary (for retired members) form

We will also refer to the pension option you selected at retirement, particularly whether you chose a joint life pension.

We will refer to your will to process payments and pay your beneficiaries (named in the will) directly, if:

  • Your will was signed more recently than any nomination on file
  • Your will clearly identifies the WorkSafeBC Pension Plan by name
  • You do not have a spouse or your spouse has waived their rights to your pension


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