Learn about gaps in service

Learn about buying service for leaves of absence and other times you were not contributing to the plan.

Over the course of your career, there may be times when you decide to take a leave from work—such as maternity, parental/adoption or general leave. This creates a gap in service.

These unpaid leaves will affect your pension. During these times, you do not earn pensionable or contributory service because you are not working or contributing to the plan.

  • Pensionable service affects the monthly amount you receive when you retire
  • Contributory service is used to determine if your pension will be reduced and by how much

However, you may be able to buy service that covers your leave. This may increase the amount of your pension when you retire and could get you closer to an unreduced pension.

Other ways you may be able to increase your pension

  • Buying arrears for a period when you were eligible to make contributions to the plan but WorkSafeBC did not deduct them.
  • Receiving credit if you took time off work to raise children. You can claim a credit for up to five years of contributory service. You do not have to pay for this credit.

A note about long-term disability leave

If your long-term disability benefits are provided by a group disability plan approved for pension purposes, you will continue to accumulate pensionable and contributory service while you are away from work. In this case, you do not need to buy service.


Not all service is available to buy. For example:

  • You cannot buy service that would put you over the federal Income Tax Act leave limits for pension and RRSP contributions.
  • You must buy service for an entire leave period. The only exception is if this would result in your pensionable service exceeding 35 years in total or 12 months in a calendar year.
  • There are some restrictions to buying service for a period you contributed to a registered pension plan with another employer. Contact the plan for more information.
  • You cannot buy more service than you would have normally worked. So, you cannot be a part-time employee and buy service equivalent to that of a full-time employee.