Submit a form to waive your beneficiary rights to your spouse's pension

As the spouse of a plan member, you can sign a form that allows you to waive all remaining beneficiary rights should your spouse die after retiring.

As the spouse of a plan member, you are entitled to a portion of the plan member’s pension after they die. By law, your spouse (the plan member) must choose a minimum 60 per cent joint life pension unless you sign a Form 2 waiver. This form allows you to give up or reduce (waive) your right to your spouse’s pension benefit after they die.

Waiving your rights to your spouse’s pension could affect your retirement income and access to health and dental care coverage. You should waive your right to your spouse’s pension only after carefully considering the financial implications.

Before you start

  • You (spouse of the plan member) must complete the form with a witness present.
  • The witness cannot be the plan member, another beneficiary or anyone else who has an interest in the pension.
  • The plan member must not be present when you fill out the form.
  • You must complete and sign the form no more than 90 days before the plan member’s pension effective date (the date their pension begins).

Completing the form

By completing the form following the instructions below, you are agreeing to waive all your beneficiary rights as the spouse of a plan member. This means after your spouse (the plan member) dies, you will not receive any pension payments. Your spouse will be able to name a beneficiary other than you.

  1. Print the form and instruction sheet, using the links at the bottom of this page.
  2. Fill in the contact information for you and your spouse.
  3. Fill in the pension plan information. You can find the address and registration number in the required information box below.
  4. Complete the waiver section.
    1. Waiver A—check the main box (page 3); do not check the sub-boxes
    2. Waiver B—check the box (page 4)
    3. Waiver C—do NOT check the box (page 4)
  5. Sign and date the form.
  6. Have your witness sign the form.
  7. Give the completed form to your spouse (the plan member) to submit with their retirement application.


You are the spouse of a plan member who has chosen either a single life pension option or a joint life option less than 60 per cent.

If your spouse (the plan member) is still working and you want to give up your right to a pre-retirement death (survivor’s) benefit, submit Form 4 instead.

Required information
  • Contact information for you and your spouse
  • The name, address and provincial registration number of the plan:
    WorkSafeBC Pension Plan
    P.O. Box 9460
    Victoria, BC V8W 9V8
    Provincial registration number: P085663
  • The pension option your spouse (the plan member) has selected
  • A witness to sign the form

Form 2 Spouse’s waiver
5 minutes  |  Published: November 14, 2023

How to fill out the Form 2 Spouse’s waiver.