Pension plan transfer agreement list

Find out which public sector pension plans across Canada have a transfer agreement with the plan.

What pension plans have transfer agreements with the WorkSafeBC Pension Plan?

The WorkSafeBC Pension Plan currently has transfer agreements with the following pension plans under the National Public Service Transfer Agreement:

  • Alberta Local Authorities Pension Plan
  • Alberta Management Employees Pension Plan
  • Alberta Public Service Pension Plan
  • BC College Pension Plan
  • BC Municipal Pension Plan
  • BC Public Service Pension Plan
  • BC Teachers’ Pension Plan
  • Manitoba Civil Service Superannuation Fund
  • New Brunswick Public Service Superannuation Plan
  • Newfoundland and Labrador Public Service Pension Plan
  • Nova Scotia Public Service Superannuation Plan
  • Ontario Pension Board
  • Ontario Public Service Employees Union Pension Plan Trust Fund
  • Prince Edward Island Public Sector Pension Plan
  • Quebec public sector pension plans

The WorkSafeBC Pension Plan also has transfer agreements with the following pension plans outside of the National Public Sector Transfer Agreement:

  • Federal Public Service Pension Plan

Different rules may apply for these plans. Please contact the WorkSafeBC Pension Plan for more information.